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High Point Festival
New Plays in America

February 1-3, 2001


























High Point Theatre
220 E. Commerce Street
High Point, NC


Tickets are free but seating is designated and reservations are required.
box office 336-887-3001


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February, 2001

Thursday, February 1
8 pm

Coffee Trees
by Arthur Giron

A unique look at the socio-political landscape in Guatemala, this extraordinary new work by one of America's most important playwrights (Moving Bodies, Flight, Edith Stein) is inspired by Chekov's The Cherry Orchard, and blends gorgeous language, sensuality, and poetic magical realism to create a world of seriously funny and unexpected events. A play you are unlikely to soon forget.


Friday, February 2
8 pm

Frank's Dilemma
by James McLure

A perceptive comedy about a middle-aged Italian-American in Cleveland, desperately watching over an extended family that includes his young son, his nymphet of a neice, his newly liberated sister, his "secret" mistress that everyone knows about, and an intiguing woman he's just met. A raucously sharp piece by the author of the celebrated Private Wars, soon to be released as a feature film.


Saturday, February 3
3 pm

Earth to Bucky
by Jack Heifner

In a funeral home in rural Texas, former high school football star Ricky tries to run his business while taking care of his simple-minded brother Bucky. Patti Ann, a onetime high school date of Ricky's whose mother he is about to embalm, joins the scene, and unexpected comic hijinks mingle with surprisingly sweet emotional discoveries. A funny and touching new work by the celebrated author of the hit play, Vanities.


Saturday, February 3
8 pm

Goodnight, Vienna
by M. Z. Ribalow

In 1924 Vienna, Lenin pays a secret visit to the home of Sigmund Freud to ask him one question: how come the the revolution didn't work the way it was supposed to? Freud responds, "Why don't you lie down, and tell me about your mother?" In this rolicking and dazzling comedy, Freud is also visited by John Dillinger and Clara Bow; he wants to know why she likes guys besides him, and she just wants to have fun. Amelia Earhart practices crash-landing on the lawn, and Joe Stalin cheerfully considers killing the others unless they can talk him out of it.


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