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[Laurie Anderson]
photo by Noah Greenberg

Laurie Anderson

"...Go back to her 1982 debut, Big Science, and you'll be amazed at how its somber, effects-driven minimalism predicts the electronic preoccupations in today's pop and rock; teenagers who buy Radiohead albums should get, for perspective, a bonus CD of her classic techno-alienation single, "O Superman (for Massenet)." The sardonic postfeminism of "Babydoll," off her 1989 album Strange Angels, outlined the tenets of the riot grrrl movement back when Courtney Love was still hurling demo tapes around punk clubs. Ms. Anderson's live performances, for all their epic ambitions, have always contained a strong element of showbiz razzle-dazzle. She has donned ice skates and frozen her feet into blocks of ice, conducted a symphony of honking car horns, wired her body with drum machines and strung a violin bow with audiotape. She has a carny's instinct for crowd-pleasing. You could call her the avant-garde Madonna, but that would obscure the fact that she does it all without showing cleavage."

~ excerpt from the August 19 article
by Karen Schoemer, for The New York Times

Anderson's latest, Life on a String, was released on August 28.

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